Proust asked, Venice replied

Un’altra intervista possibile, risponde Venezia 😉



The principle aspect of my personality

Changing while remaining the same.

The quality that I desire in a man

Good taste.

The quality that I desire in a woman


What I appreciate most about my friends

Presents, visits and a laugh.

My main fault


My favorite occupation


My dream of happiness

Chilled Prosecco, green olives, crisps and some cicchetti. I provide the setting.

What would be my greatest fear

Apart from sinking, global warming, coastal erosion and a resurgence of malaria in the Mediterranean, I tend to stay positive.

What I should like to be

Slightly taller.

The country where I should like to live

I am a country on my own.

My favourite colour

Water green.

The flower that I like

Artemisia coerulescens.

My favorite bird

I’d prefer a winged lion.

My favorite poets

Dante, enough with Antonio Lamberti’s La Biondina in gondoleta, Giorgio…

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